How long does it usually take to get my invitations once they are ordered?

I like to say give the whole process about 4 weeks. It takes about one week to get a proof which will be emailed to the customer. No printing takes place until I receive a sign-off on the proof. Printing takes about two weeks and then shipping another 5-7 days. If you use our calligraphy service, allow another week to two weeks depending on how many envelopes there are to address.

Custom Placecards Boca Raton

Custom Place Cards for your Event are a Specialty!

Can you create table cards, seating charts and save the date announcements to match my invitations?

Whether you purchase an invitation from one of our books or have them custom-made, all invitations have the option of having matching accessory cards, including response cards, reception cards, accommodation cards, save the dates, seating cards, menus, programs, etc.

What if I prefer computer generated calligraphy?

About Invitations offers a computer generated and hand calligraphy service. If having them digitally printed, submit your guest list in either Microsoft Word or Excel. I prefer this method if using hand calligraphy but I will except handwritten lists as well.

I have never ordered invitations before and do not know where to begin.

Never fear! Our staff if very customer friendly. You give us an idea of what you want your invitation to look like, ie. shape, size, color and we will build on it from there. We will help you with your font selection, We will help put paper color and textures together, ink color, we will help with your wording, how to properly address the envelopes. We have been doing this for over 25 years so you are in good hands.