The Beauty of Hand Calligraphy

Citadel calligraphy styleIMG_3979IMG_3980

Hand calligraphy of invitation and then printed via thermography

Hand calligraphy menu for your reception

Traditional white seating cards with hand calligraphy

The books of the Old and New Testament of the Bible, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, the romances of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere and the knights of the Round Table, and all the Greek and Latin texts came down to us through the ages all the world’s knowledge of the time, was painstakingly written down by hand using ink and a pen. Although printing presses and computers have replaced the pen and ink, there is still something special, beautiful and traditional about handwritten documents.

Your wedding invitations are extremely special and you want your guests to be excited and in awe when they see them in their mailbox. Before your guests even see your invitations, they will see the envelope holding it inside. Seeing a beautiful envelope hand written in a beautiful calligraphy style will surprise and delight your guests. It will set the tone for your wedding day and it is proper etiquette to have the envelope be hand written rather than printed or digitally produced. Also, hand written envelopes are much more personal for such a special event.

In our digital world, let About Invitations bring back the beauty, art and personalization of the handwritten envelope. Receiving a piece of mail that has been given extra special attention will mean the world to your guests. It will make them feel special. It will make it clear how much they mean to you, and that they were truly worth the effort.