The future of the invitation business



Last week I discovered another invitation printing company has closed their doors. It seems this is happening monthly and there are only a handful of businesses left that will design and print thermography processed invitations. This is a result of online invitation companies taking the business away. But I have never been sold on the idea that everyone wants a 5×7 white matte card with digital printing for their elegant event. And I understand how expensive invitations can be with all the layers, bows, belly bands, glitter, embellishments, etc. So a few years ago I expanded my business (as more and more invitation books got thrown in the garbage). I sourced a number of paper companies, graphic designers and printers that are still in business. I offered custom invitations where my customers can take their ideas for me to create their dream invitation. I save them money since I do not have the overhead that these businesses had. They are happy because I make their vision come true and they have something unique.

A few years later I am finding that this was merely the beginning. Now I am receiving requests to help people that have had a graphic designer create their artwork or are DIYers and need a place to print and embellished them. I am happy to provide this service as well. Just send me your files, select your papers, colors, embellishments and I will do the rest. If you need a little more pizzazz then you can add layers, ribbons, bows, belly bands and seals, rhinestones, a lined envelope. Let’s create something magnificent together.